Infection Prevention & Control

About the course

Most healthcare associated infections are preventable through good hand hygiene by cleaning your hands at the right times and in the right way.

The purpose of this Infection Prevention & Control Course is to give those at risk from infection the essential skills to protect themselves in line with national hygiene standards. This course is designed for people working in the healthcare and nursing areas, or any profession where infection control and management is required.

It is also useful for family member(s) who act as carers for those within their own home.

Your instructor will train you in the basics of Infection Prevention & Control.


Half day


Please contact us using our enquiry form.


On-site at your place of work or business. An alternative venue can be arranged in agreement with Learn How Training.

Instruction Method

Blended learning. Theory, Group discussions and practical assessment. Short Videos (where practicable).


Learn How Training certificate of attendance.
Valid for 2 years.

Course Materials

Course notes will be provided.

Learner Requirements

Please ensure to wear comfortable footwear and clothing.

Reasonable Accommodation

If you have any difficulty with any aspect of this training please inform your instructor.

You will be required to adequately demonstrate correct infection prevention methods for your place of work.

Instructor Quality and Training

The standard of training is kept consistently high for course participants.
Your Instructor undertakes frequent refresher training to maintain their instructor certifications.

Learners who successfully complete this course participants will be able to:


Understand the additional risks posed by the new Covid-19 virus.


Understand why infection prevention is so important.


Know how to don and doff the appropriate PPE for workplace


Know your responsibility in maintaining a safe hygienic work space in accordance with Health & Safety protocols