Paediatric First Aid Course

First Aid is the initial Assistance provided to a person who is ill or injured.

About the course

This 1 Day training course is suitable anyone who wishes to be trained and certified as a Paediatric First Aider. You will deliver first aid assistance for children and Infants.

Ideal for new parents, family members or babysitters to gain basic understanding of First Aid for Children.

This course is delivered by a qualified and experienced First Aid instructor.

It is not a replacement for First Aid Response training requirements under Health & Safety Regulations.


1 Day


Please contact us using our enquiry form.


On-site at your place of work or business. An alternative venue can be arranged in agreement with Learn How Training.

Instruction Method

Blended learning. Theory, Practical work and continuous assessment.


Learn How Training Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon successful completion. Valid for 2 years.

Course Materials

Your instructor will provide you with relevant training materials to complete your Paediatric First Aid Training Course successfully.

Learner Requirements

Please ensure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear on the day. You will be performing tasks that require you to move freely.

Reasonable Accommodation

Should you experience difficulty with any aspect of your Paediatric First Aid Training Course, please speak with your instructor in confidence. They are here to help you.

You will be required to adequately demonstrate a defined set of practical skills to successfully be awarded your Learn How Training Paediatric First Aid Certificate.

Instructor Quality and Training

The standard of training is kept consistently high for course participants.
Your instructor is monitored through a Recognised Institute (RI) to maintain a consistently high standard.

Learners who successfully complete this course participants will be able to:


Understand your role and responsibilities as Paediatric First Aider.


Provide treatment for preserving life, promoting recovery and prevention of further injury.


Provide early treatment for an injury to child or infant.


Perform a Primary and Secondary survey.


Manage wounds and bleeding and treat accordingly for shock.


Treat a paediatric patient for a range of common medical emergencies.


Understand care principals and Clinical Practice Guidelines. (CPG’s)