First Aid Responder Refresher

First Aid is the initial Assistance provided to a person who is ill or injured

About the course

This 2 Day First Aid Responder Refresher Course is suitable for anyone who is currently certified as a First Aid Responder.

The aim of this refresher training is to refresh your knowledge and skills and keep you updated on the latest changes in training practices.

It is strongly recommended that you check regularly for any updates in CPG’s.

The Health & Safety Authority only recognise the Certified National Training Standard as meeting the needs of Occupational First Aid in Ireland.


2 Days


Please contact us using our enquiry form.


On-site at your place of work or business. An alternative venue can be arranged in agreement with Learn How Training.

Instruction Method

Blended learning. Theory, Practical work & DVD plus continuous assessment throughout the course.

A multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) assessment will be conducted to assess your knowledge at the end of the course. Learners must achieve the pass mark on this and on your practical assessments to obtain your FAR re-certification.


National Responder Card & Certificate.
Valid for 2 Years.

Learner Requirements

Please ensure to wear comfortable footwear
and clothing on the training days.

Course Materials

Training Pack will be provided

​We strongly advise you to refresh your FAR training before your expiry date. If you do not refresh on time you may have to re-sit the 3 Day FAR Course.

See details on our First Aid Responder Courses page.

Reasonable Accommodation

If you have experience difficulty with any aspect of your First Aid Training Course, please inform your instructor.

You will be required to adequately demonstrate a defined set of practical skills in order to be awarded your First Aid Responder Certificate.

Instructor Quality and Training

The standard of training is kept consistently high for course participants.
Your Instructor undertakes frequent refresher training to maintain their instructor certifications. Your instructor is monitored through a Recognised Institute (RI) to maintain a consistently high standard.

Learners who successfully complete this course participants will be able to:


Provide pre-hospital First Aid in a wide range of environments including work and home.


Manage life-threatening or potentially life-threatening conditions until the arrival of the EMS


Display personal skills including composure, competence, and self- confidence while understanding your limitations as a First Aid Responder


You will demonstrate an awareness of the current Covid-19 guidelines for First Aid Responders and prepare yourself accordingly.