First Aid FAQ’s

Do I need a qualified first aider in my workplace?

A risk assessment in the context of the Safety Statement should consider the numbers employed, the nature of the work, the degree of hazard, the level of accidents arising, the size and location of the workplace, the distribution of the employees, shift working, availability of an occupational health service with the workplace and the distance and duration from external medical service

How is a First Aid Responder contacted?

There must be effective means of communication to contact the First Aid Responder when required, which will include a telephone/ mobile phone/ pager/ radio.

Alternatively, a picture posted at reception or on each floor of the building with contact information. This must be done with consent of the First Aid Responder.

How long is a First Aid Responder Training Course?

Your FAR training course is not less than 18 contact hours.

What type of a certificate does a First Aid Responder receive?

Learners receive a PHECC First Aid Response (FAR) certificate.

How long is certification valid for?

Learners receive a PHECC First Aid Response (FAR) certificate.First aid Responder and Refresher FAR certification is valid for 2 years after which refresher training is required.

You are strongly advised to make note of your expiry date.

Can a First Aid Responder give out painkillers/headache tablets?

No. First aid does not cover the administration of drugs or medications and they should not be kept in the workplace first aid box or kit.
In certain circumstances the First Aid Responder can assist in the administration of aspirin if available for suspected cardiac chest pain.

This should be kept separate from the first aid kit and not in it.


What is an AED?

An automatic external defibrillator (AED) is a portable defibrillator. It designed to be automated. It can be used by persons without substantial medical training who are responding to a cardiac emergency. It is designed to help you know what to do quickly to save valuable time. Training is provided to Learn How to use this device .
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Are First Aid responders first aiders trained in the use of AED?

Yes, AED is part of the new FAR standard and first aiders are trained in its’ use.

You can be trained separately by a Community Instructor as a Community First Responder (CFR) specifically to learn the use of AED & Hands only CPR.

Details on our CFR training can be found here.

Are employers required to have an AED?

No, but it would be good practice to have one either in your place of work or within five minutes of your vicinity.

It must be properly maintained.