A faint can happen at any time. For example, you’re busy on the go and somehow skipped breakfast and lunch. Suddenly you feel weak and have passed out in work.
When someone faints unexpectedly at work, don’t panic. Here are some quick tips you can put into practice, to manage the faint.

  1. Check their breathing and airways.
  2. Place them in the recovery position.
  3. Don’t leave them cold – make sure to keep the patient warm and that the area is well ventilated.
  4. Ensure patients legs are placed higher than the body (e.g. elevate their legs by placing them on a box or chair).
  5. Monitor their vital signs (colour, temperature, pulse, airway, breathing, and circulation.

NB: One exception to the rule is a pregnant or heavily pregnant lady. She is always to be placed on her left side. This prevents compression of the Inferior Vena Cava by the uterus, which could be fatal to both the mother and child.
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